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In The Name Of Thrash

by Crippled Fox

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1. Enter the Grim Reaper Arrived to the show A hoard of thrashers around Tension is fucking high You got to hold your ground Ready to hit the pit You know it’ll be wild Lose yo’self in mosh There is no control of your mind Sacrifice your life Die for the thrash Calling out his name Enter the Grim Reaper You’re not afraid Kneel down to him You summoned destiny ENTER THE GRIM REAPER He’s standing in front of you In the blood-soaked pit A ritual about to start To take your soul with Him Ripping out your own heart This body will lay here Entering His World Where you always wanted to be
In The Name of Thrash Now let me introduce you the Lieutenant Justice of Thrash His uniform a flannel a bandana and his badge a DRI patch He swore an oath, comitted for life To order you all to wear your hat flipped up, that’s right In the name of Thrash He’ll oversee the pit In the name of Thrash He’ll throw out the fucking weak IN THE NAME OF THRASH He dares you to fuck with Him IN THE NAME OF THRASH Determination, what he wants to see Lieutenant Justice was trained in University Of Thrash Went through a tough time then he grew a mustache Earned his title by dedication to the task Deservedly proven and now he’s out there to inspect He’ll strike with raging power If you don’t do mosh from wall to wall He won't let you stand still Circle pit is your main role You will get punished if you dance on your own Watching the stage dives being under control
Revolution Is Sold Once you were standing for what was right What had happened? You lost your clear sight Determination – you stood strong on your way In a fraction of a moment you obeyed others game THEY TORE YOU DOWN There’s a price to give up your fight Growing out of the world you owned You closed your eyes Your revolution is sold for what?
Change Your Own World Where do you want to belong To dedicate your life? Good deeds, big words Whose war you want to fight? Care for yourself Learn as much you can Find your inner peace Make it happen CHANGE YOUR OWN WORLD It’s not about what they have It’s not about what they think The only thing that matters What you want to achieve Don’t have to be out there Your words might find deaf ears Your heart, your mind To change it, it’s free
Be a Fucking Smart Ass Stop talking now You’ve said a lot You can't seem to stop the jaw You’re compelled to cling to your own truth Oh my God, dude, just shut your trap, I know you've read a fucking lot But having so much shit you know hasn't made you wise, or fucking smart Because you are unable to accept that someone else may be fucking right You’re driven by hatred so all your knowledge is worth nothing at all Stop talking now You’ve said a lot Can’t you do it? Then, be a fucking smart ass
Make Them Thrash We’re three maniacs who’re ripping our songs fucking fast Busting your fucking head if we see you standing at the back Can’t help it, it’s in our vein to tear every show the fuck apart We want you to move ahead and have the same energy that drives us mad Make ’em thrash, that’s all we want Feel the thrash, this is what you want You see the place tremble with that force of what we play This is ain’t no joke that pit is now a bloodbath to swim in Ah man, that’s okay so we can get our cool surf decks out This is the time we are happy to rewind every fucking night WE WANT YOU to join in – and make ’em thrash Don’t leave out anyone WE WANT YOU to join in – the Crippled Army Won’t let down anyone MAKE THEM THRASH
Get Your Own Story You may watch other’s lives What they did, what they achieved They fulfilled their written destiny But their role is not yours to be GET YOUR OWN STORY Think for yourself Paint the canvas of your own life Everything is ahead, embrace it with your spirit Then your path will be on the rise Walk your own way And get your own story
Kill All Poachers You're sick in your brain Born into a distorted world Perverted joy Taking the life of the innocent Got balls in your ambush You'll smile over the corpse A trophy covered with blood You fucking worm Let’s change the game YOU’LL BE THE TARGET NOW
Quick To Judge Only a picture And a few words Fucking with your brain You look it up at all? Quick to judge Dehumanize Misleading Controlling your thoughts Quick to judge But you don’t know much
Jock Scene 01:05
Jock Scene Aggressive pitting for insecure fools Full caps, lame bands, shitty attitudes Spin kicks and rehearsed absurd mosh moves Afraid to have fun, bullshit macho dudes We are not here for your competition To make bonds of friendship, that’s our mission So just stop your fitness inquisition I’m just sick of your fucking…. JOCK SCENE- you suck JOCK SCENE- fuck right off!
Progress Not Perfection WHEN you’re feeling down WHEN you think, nothing’s right THEN you should keep in mind There’s no succes without trying This isn’t about getting everything This isn’t about gaining anything
Stick To It! 00:49
Stick To It You’ve chosen a path- STICK TO IT No turning back so don’t just try Don’t give up on your dreams – STICK TO IT You’ll regret it all your life Don’t just fucking try Never give up your fight Don’t lose hope
High On Thrash How many times have I heard „C’mon let’s get fucked” Alright buddy but for now just shut up Okay I get it, you got the booze Smoke the shit you want A good show you’re about to lose You see, I’M HIGH ON THRASH You’ll feel, I’M HIGH ON THRASH Thrashing is my drug I’m wasted with my riffs Bashing myself With a killer song that rips This vibe is like a juice In my fucking veins Hang-up, I am trippin’ I want this all over again I’M HIGH ON THRASH
Contradictory Here’s this dude Calling himself a punk Got his outlook right And most of the time he’s drunk Of course he has THE jacket Covered with many patches But he doesn’t give shit About their meaning, what should really matter Standing for nothing Being part of a horde Vulgar and flippant He got no fucking goal Here’s this dude Calling himself a punk He thinks he is rebellious But just an ignorant fuck Here’s this dude Calling himself a punk But he’s really not
Whirlwind Thrashcore Whirlwind Thrashcore WHIRLWIND THRASHCORE ON HIGH SPEED Listen up folks, this is all you need WHIRLWIND THRASHCORE ON HIGH SPEED I can’t lie, this music is the best of breeds It has everything you were looking for PUNK AND THRASH AND FAST HARDCORE I know i’ve said this like a thousand times But i can’t help it, my blood boils from these rhymes
Sound Guy 00:28
Sound Guy! His role is to produce a raw and powerful sound SOUND GUY That tears your head off while we thrash our killer riffs SOUND GUY Sometimes he does – SOUND GUY Other times he doesn't – SOUND GUY Oh but that’s okay – SOUND GUY He’s still our mate – SOUND GUY
You Don’t Need a Diploma To Use Public Transport Tell me, what da fuck are you standing in the way, where people move Is it too fucking hard to step aside, you dick, who the fuck raised you? Can’t fucking believe all these jerks all around the place Can’t fucking believe all these fucks have no clue and unashamed Who the hell taught you about public transport, it’s not that bloody hard Or you are some special race, do you think you can do whatever you want? Can’t fucking believe these assholes, let’s just kill ’em all!
Miranda Vera Cruz De La Hoya Cardinal Miranda is here Miranda is there Miranda appears everywhere Miranda asks Miranda rules Miranda is the one Who is judging fools
This One Makes You Mosh Try to stand still It won’t work Listen to the sound Heats up all your bones Stand and captivate It won’t let you free Addicted to the need To rush into the pit THIS ONE - makes you fucking mosh THIS ONE - MAKES YOU FUCKING MOSH Cannot keep control You run around the room Obeyed to the thrash Lost touch from this world Empowered by the mosh Nothing left that you care It’s your kingdom now Accept those who dare
What Do You Stand For? It's one thing what's in your head And talk about what you think But your thoughts are shaped by others What is it that you believe? Examples show contradiction Ideas are overthrown History repeats itself So you got to think on your own WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR? Stand for yourself! Obsessed by concepts They lead nowhere See it on every side So what do you wanna be? A ruler, a slave, a fool You’re being stiffed Just think about it now What is it worth it to live?
Do The Zombie In The Pit Tired of all the styles Fed up with the dance kids do They are stuck in their square Like it’s a fucking rule Do you wanna try something else? Here’s an idea dude I promise it’ll be fun This is what you got to do HOLD OUT YOUR HANDS MAKE A LAME FACE MOVE AROUND SLOWLY Do the zombie in the pit Thrasher zombie crew Marching all around Feel the deadly vibe You can do it for some time But of course, you get wild The music penetrates the brain Stretching all the bodies By the energy we play ZOMBIES IN THE PIT
Almighty Circle Pit ALMIGHTY CIRCLE PIT There was a time when they fucking looked it down But its glory has not faded, it never goes out of style This is the ALMIGHTY....
P.M.A. – Power Metal Attitude The sun is slowly rising Its rays warm the dawn The darkness of the night Retreats to its kingdom Spears reach the sky The flag of courage floats Knights march out of the forest To the battlefield of the bold Oh the glorious sound of the swords On this field, noble blood that flows The brave took the oath Give their life to the king Their armor shines their horses are fine They ride towards the hills Brotherhood of the lords The pride of their clan Memory of forefathers The land of their ancient line Oh the glorious sound of the swords On this field, noble blood that flows The sun is about to rest Dusk rises from its sleep Bodies in mud, soaked with blood The mournful silence is so deep The smell of death covers the air The crow witnessed the fight Priest gave the last anointing Souls of warriors to heaven will rise


Band members:

Dontsee Turkey aka Chicken - Bass
Fox Of Grind - Drums
Speedy Gonzales - vocal/guitar

Recorded live on 11th and 25th of July 2020. at the band’s rehearsal room by Sound Master Tamas Szanto, Budapest, Hungary
Mixed and mastered by Tamas Szanto in July of 2020.

Printed 1000 copies, in three different colors:
- 400 black
- 300 purple/blue
- 300 yellow/red
Manufactured at Phono Press, Italy.


released November 2, 2020

Record Labels:

- Here and Now Records (Italy)
- 9LIES Records (Austria)
- Don't Trust The Hype Recordz (France)
- Loner Cult Records (Belgium)
- Dysphoric Records (USA, West Coast)
- Rat Milk Collective (USA, East Coast)
- Drinkin' Beer In Bandana Records (Hungary)




Crippled Fox Budapest, Hungary

Crippled Fox, thrashcore/fastcore/crossover thrash, circle-pit, stagedive, bandana, Venice-Beach vibe....since 2008.

Speedy Gonzales - guitar & vocal
Dontsee Turkey - bass
Fox of Grind - drums

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