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by Crippled Fox

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Crippled Fox Go! You know the deal No need to tell - Crippled Fox Go! But if you missed our gist Here it is again - Crippled Fox Go! It’s hardcore punk and thrash Take your genre elitist words - Crippled Fox Go! And fuck your own face for good
Same Old 00:29
Same Old Tell me something What wasn’t said In the punk/hardcore scene Of the past 30 years Form another band Scream the same words Aren’t you tired Of living in the same box? The world is so much more To have many other thoughts Repeating the bands of the past Might give you certain goals But i want you to have your own Leave the big anthems behind Prove it to yourself That you’re one of a kind
Are We Clear? Okay, we had a fight We don’t have to think the same Just look the other way Don’t disturb each others shit Are we clear now? I dare you start this all over again Cuz I won’t be so sure to keep my cool That i won’t pull out your brain Smash it to the floor and stomp on it
Thrashing Mania At Our Gig Damn this song is about that thrashing gig I can still feel it in my fucking veins, can’t get it out of my head Because it was burned into my brain All the kids were moshing around piled up and screamed our songs Blood was spilled, there was no time to chill or get bored That was a Thrashing Mania You could see everyone was lost in it Mysterious and wild atmosphere you couldn’t explain it That was a Thrashing Mania Bodies were flying around and some hit the floor You could taste the danger, like death himself was knocking on your door There was no stopping between the songs you couldn’t break the hype The riffs were fucking fast like it was your last minute to die Fox of Grind the drum master M was about to kill the drum set The speed and energy went through your head and it was like ripping off your flesh
Try Me ! 01:53
Try Me! You keep running your stupid mouth Like you know so fucking much Showing up you know everything But only little what you got Seeing your crooked eyes Damn, you have no brain You can’t delude me Don’t even try to play this game Try me – I’ll crush your ego trip Try me – You won’t last cuz you are weak Try me – You’re just one of many fools Try me – Stink like shit, you ain’t that good Oh did i hurt your feelings? Go and lick your wounds Thought i’d buy your shit That’s where you got it wrong I don’t know what was your plan But it’s foundation wasn’t hard I can’t stand a man like you Who are uppish with everyone


One sided 7" Ep with 5 songs, titled - 10 Years Of Thrashing!
Written and recorded live within 5 hours at the band's own rehearsal room on 26.August 2018. - mixed and mastered by Tamas Szanto.


Speedy Gonzales - vocal/guitar
Dontsee Turkey - bass
Fox Of Grind - drums

- 70 black lathe cut vinyls, limited Brazilian edition (different cover)

Pressed in 500 copies:
- 80 clear red
- 170 opaque green
- 350 black


released June 22, 2019

Record labels:

- Drinkin' Beer In Bandana Records (Hungary)
- Here and Now Records (Italy)
- Punti Scena Records (Italy)
- Crapoulet Records ( France)
- Ofog Och Motvals (Sweden)
- 83 Records (UK/Poland)
- CxFx Production




Crippled Fox Budapest, Hungary

Crippled Fox, thrashcore/fastcore/crossover thrash, circle-pit, stagedive, bandana, Venice-Beach vibe....since 2008.

Speedy Gonzales - guitar & vocal
Dontsee Turkey - bass
Fox of Grind - drums

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